What is Mtn Ipulse and How do You Migrate To it

Mtn as just released a new plan called Mtn Ipulse and it is one of the new Plans that was introduced to mtn Nigeria. Recently, i discovered that I was migrated from Mtn Pulse to Mtn Ipulse and ever since then i was wondering what mtn Ipulse is. I called an Mtn Customer representative and according to her:


Mtn ipulse is a new tariff plan by mtn which charges you 46k per second for the First minutes to nay number you are calling and it chrages a subsequent amount of 10k per second for all other cals throughout the day. just like mtn pulse, mtn ipulse gives you Your 10 megabyte plan to browse once you load a card of 1000 in a week, it also allows You to make free Mid night Calls just as You do On Mtn Pulse , to migrate to Mtn ipulse, all You need do is to send 406 to 131.


Over To you:

What Do You think about Mtn Ipulse. To me, 46k per minutes is too much, What about You????

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  1. What i also discovered about it is that i’m also given 5 mb as extra data making it a total of 15mb…


  2. 46kb per sec is 2much


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