How To Bypass Registration On Forums

It’s sometimes annoying when you’re surfing the internet and you probably stumbled upon a website asking you to register before gaining access to their service. Though am not saying its bad but it shouldn’t be Compelled on an anonymous guest. Atleast, a guest would know what would be offered before he/she registers. Anyway, we won’t want to sign up every time. To bypass registeration on a PHP OR WAPKA WEBSITE FORUM Open your browser, e.g operamini, in the address bar, visit the website that you want to check their forum, e.g www.extraload* When the website opens, press #1 or open the address bar in fullscreen mode. Now input this php topics link, “/ forum/showtopic.php?id=2″ LIKE THIS |||===>>> “www.extraload* showtopic.php?id=2″ and save it. It’ll direct you to the website’s forum. Note that, YOU CAN CHANGE THE 5 TO ANY NUMBER. For example, i want to check naijaload*d forum without signing up. I will just write www.naijaload* showtopic.php?id=10 (YOU CAN SEE THAT I’VE CHANGED 2 TO 10), so that’s all, it will simple direct you to the website’s forum…. Always remember to like our page on facebook HERE. CHEERS……

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