Is Google Adsense Scam? How To Make Money With Google Adsense

“Is google adsense a scam” one of my blog readers ask me recently, though the question looks funny but due to his personal experience it is very hard to convince such a person that google adsense really works and that it is not a scam. What made him came to the conclusion that Google adsense is a scam is that he as a blog which he has been building on for a very long time, he added adsense to his site and everyday, he saw a drastic increase in his earning, but on one fait

Adsense Scam

how to avoid adsense scam and make money with it

hful day, he saw a message a message in his inbox telling him he as been banned from google adsense with all his earnings vanished.

How google Adsense Works And How to Make Money From it

For those who don’t know much about google adsense, here is how google adsense work: Google adsense is an online advertisement network owned by google, it is aimed at enriching bloggers and webmaster who owns or run a blog or a website by displaying adverts, and they pay each site based on the number of click they are able to generate from each ads been displayed on there website.

How to make Money with Google Adsense

The first step for any one aspiring to sign up for google adsense and make money from i tis to create a blog or website, after which you add contents to your blog and then sign up for google adsense, if you don’t know where to start from, check out my blogging tips here.

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    Akinyemi Mujeeb Reply:

    Pls expantiate sir


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