2go Chat Cheat: How to increase your 2go star progress using Booster

Cheats for increasing your 2go stars rating using my star booster
One major thing 2go users use to ask me each time i’m online is how to
get increase there 2go progress,most of 2go ers want to know how to
get to professional easily on 2go and that’s what these post will
focus majorly on

What You should know about 2go Stars
have you ever wondered how 2go star progress increases? Let me give
you a brief detail about it, your 2go star progress will increase when
you do one of the following:
1. Login to your 2go account: Each time you login to your 2go
account, your progress rating increases by an inch.
2. Buy 2go Credits: Each time you also increase your 2go credit either
by buying from 2go or as a gift from a friend,you 2go star rating bar
will also increase by an inch.
3. Spend 2go credits: The more you spend your 2go credit, the more
your star rating increases.

How to Increase Your 2go star Progress without cheat or booster
Now that you have known the fundamentals of how to increase your 2go
star progress, so all you need do is to combine all the tweaks that
makes 2go progress move to increase your star rating. To do this, here
are some tweaks that works
1. Appear Offline: change your online presence to offline or better
still away when you are online, this will give 2go the impression that
you are just logging and for each message you send to a friend, you
progress will move,one of my pal use to do this and his progress as
improved,his username on 2go is ojoawo5
2. Spend 2go credits: as i have told you earlier on that the more 2go
credit you spend, the more your 2go star will increase,so participate
actively in 2go rooms and make sure you buy as much credit as you can,
so if you follow this, am pretty sure your 2go star progress will
Know that you have read how to increase your 2go star rating,do you have any question or criticsm,pls use the comment box and let the conversation begin,alternatively,you can post your 2go username in the comment box to get more 2go friends

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s a good idea. Am tunji.

  2. Increase your 2go stars with an app? You’ve got to be joking. THE GUARANTEED way to increase your star is buying purchasing gocredits and making use of it.

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  4. Hw cn i do all those tins wen wat i see weneva i enta d site is ‘download 2go’

  5. Wat a 9c trick so hapy

  6. miyausa says:

    if i earn d highest star in 2go, is der any award or prize sort off. eleemon92

  7. Tanx 4 d tips, it really helped

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    Wow fanks a lot would appreciate f i could get more tweak n 2go star boostin

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